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This section contains details about Hearings to be held by the Standards Commission and the procedures to be followed. It also contains information about decisions the Standards Commission has made and any interim suspensions in place.

Interim Suspensions

Section 21 of the Ethical Standards Act provides the Standards Commission with the power to impose an interim suspension on a councillor or member of a devolved public body on receipt of an interim report from the ESC about an ongoing investigation.  A policy outlining how the Standards Commission makes any decision under Section 21 and the procedures it will follow in doing so, should any such a report be received from the ESC can be found here.

A flowchart outlining the process to be followed by the Standards Commission following receipt of an interim suspension report from the ESC can be found here.

The decision to impose an interim suspension is not, and should not be seen as, a finding on the merits of any complaint or the validity of any allegations against a councillor or member of a devolved public body, nor should it be viewed as a disciplinary measure. Information about any decisions, made under Section 21 of the Act, to impose an interim suspension are listed in the table below. If the interim suspension is revoked or expires, the relevant entry will be removed from the table.

The Standards Commission has produced guidance to provide clarity on the extent of the activities in which a councillor can engage while they are subject to a period of full suspension (either on the finding of a breach of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct at a Hearing or as an interim measure while an investigation about their conduct is ongoing).  This can be found here

Respondent Name


Decision on Interim Suspension



Written Decision

Cllr Alan Donnelly Aberdeen City Council Interim Suspension Imposed 04/03/20 - 03/06/20

Interim Suspension Decision - Cllr Donnelly