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The Standards Commission is an independent body whose purpose is to encourage high ethical standards in public life through the promotion and enforcement of Codes of Conduct for councillors and those appointed to the boards of devolved public bodies.

Flowchart on Making Declarations of Interest

12th March 2018

Aberdeenshire Council has produced a flowchart for its elected members, aimed at helping them identify when a declaration of interest should be made and whether they can remain in the room and participate in the discussion and voting on the item in question. The flowchart includes wording to be used, depending on the circumstances, including whether the interest is financial or non-financial, whether any general or specific exclusion applies and whether any dispensation has been granted. Aberdeenshire Council has kindly agreed to let the Standards Commission publish a version of the flowchart, which is applicable to, and can be used by, all elected members. The flowchart can be found here.  We hope it will be of assistance.