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The Standards Commission is an independent body whose purpose is to encourage high ethical standards in public life through the promotion and enforcement of Codes of Conduct for councillors and those appointed to the boards of devolved public bodies.

Consultation on Draft Advice Note on Application of Article 10

2nd August 2017

The issue of how to apply Article 10 of the ECHR concerning freedom of expression in light of the provisions  in the Councillors’ Code of Conduct has arisen in a number of recent Hearings before the Standards Commission.  The Standards Commission considers it would be helpful, therefore, to produce an Advice Note on how it will deal with such cases and to also suggest issues councillors and members of devolved public bodies may wish to consider to help them comply with the courtesy and respect provisions in their respective Codes of Conduct. 

A draft Advice Note the Standards Commission has produced can be found here.  We are keen to seek views and feedback on the content and format of this before it is finalised.  If you wish to provide feedback, please send any comments to before 31 August 2017.   Thank you.