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The Standards Commission is an independent body whose purpose is to encourage high ethical standards in public life through the promotion and enforcement of Codes of Conduct for councillors and those appointed to the boards of devolved public bodies.


Professional Briefing 11

29th September 2016

Contains information about: The Standards Commission's Advice Note on ALEOs The outcome of the survey about the management and conduct of Hearings A dispensation granted in respect of the Aberdeen City Region Deal You can find Professional Briefing 11 here and all of our previous issues under the Education...

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Advice Note for Councillors on ALEOs

29th September 2016

We are grateful to those who took part in the Standards Commission's recent consultation on its draft Advice Note for councillors who are nominated or appointed to ALEOs and for the very helpful comments and suggestions received. The Advice Note has now been finalised and can be found here. It is hoped that this can be used as an additional reso...

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Feedback on the Hearings Survey

3rd August 2016

Review of feedback from the Hearing Survey and the Standards Commission's comments are available to view at the following link Hearing Survey - Report. 

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Survey on the Hearing Process

27th May 2016

We are keen to ensure that we reflect best practice and are continually striving to improve our processes in respect of how we manage and conduct Hearings.  If you are someone who has attended a Hearing and/or has been involved in the process within the past 6 months (commencing January 2016), we are interested in your views and feedback on the different aspects of the Hearing. We would, therefore, be grateful if you would consider completing a short survey, which is broken down i...

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Professional Briefing 9

30th March 2016

Contains information about: The Standards Commission's Strategic Plan for 2016/2020 Future plans in respect of the Guidance on the Councillors' Code of Conduct A survey about the management of Hearings Learning outcomes from recent Hearings You can find Professional Briefing 9 and all of our previous issu...

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Press Release: LA/An/1772 - Cllr Colin Brown

16th March 2016

A Hearing Panel of the Standards Commission for Scotland recently concluded a Hearing into allegations of misconduct made against Councillor Colin Brown of Angus Council.  If you would like to view a press release about this case, please click the link below:   Press Release   &nbs...

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Health and Social Care IJBs - Standards Officer Appointments

2nd March 2016

The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 (Register of Interests) Regulations 2003 requires the Standards Commission to approve the Standards Officer of devolved public bodies, where that body has no employees. This applies to Health & Social Care Integration Joint Boards(IJBs). The Standards Commission has agreed an approval process with the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Health and Social Care Integration, under which the Chief Officers of IJBs&nb...

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Revised Guidance on the Councillors' Code of Conduct

1st March 2016

The Standards Commission has revised its Guidance on the Councillors' Code of Conduct.  The Revised Guidance can be found here.

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Re-launched Website for Standards Commission

15th January 2016

Welcome to our re-launched website!  Please take a look around and contact us with any comments! Thank you.

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Professional Briefing 8

8th January 2016

Contains information about: Revised Guidance on the Councillors' Code of Conduct The Standards Officer Workshop and the new Guidance for Members of Devolved Public Bodies Health and Social Care Integration Joint Boards Hearings since the last Briefing   You can find Professional Briefing 8 and...

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